Prosecution witnesses at the trial reveal the state’s machination against anarchists!

[merci à Pia Klemp 🖤❤ pour la traduction en anglais]

We are heading towards a new political scandal in Greece!


What just happened in Athens is huge! It is an event that should be made known to all those who have not yet understood what the state is and how it treats its enemies.

This morning, two activists of the anarchist group Rouvikonas were prosecuted for murder, in an absurd and Kafkaesque beginning of the trial. Giorgos Kalaitzidis and Nikos Mataragkas were facing life imprisonment!

Two hours ago, the first witness for the prosecution was an inhabitant of the Kifissia neighbourhood who used to frequent Exarcheia « in the drug dealers’ camp » (sic), not far from where the dealer was murdered in 2016. But, in a twist, instead of accusing Giorgos and Nikos, she suddenly unmasked the police. She first revealed that she was not in Exarcheia at all on the day of the murder and that what she had to say in this trial was dictated to her. She said that the police had promised to help her with her personal affairs (drug charges) if she testified against the two defendants. She added that she had never seen the two anarchists. From then on, the trial appeared to be fabricated – something we had been telling you about for several weeks.

Why and how was this frame-up organised? Who is behind it? Is it the sinister person who, at the top of the state, promised « by all means » to put an end to « the anarchists of Exarcheia », citing, in the first place, the famous Rouvikonas group*? Is Mitsotakis involved in this dirty business? This is the question that many have been asking for the past two hours.

After this damning testimony on how the plot was organised by the Greek police, the two other witnesses for the prosecution agreed with the previous speaker, hammering home the point, one after the other. First, a nurse from EKAB (the Greek ambulance service) said that she knew absolutely nothing. Then the third witness said that he did not recognise Giorgos or Nikos, although he was at the scene of the crime: the main eyewitness!

After this first calamitous step, the trial was adjourned to Friday 29 October at 11:00 am. Until then, the debates will go on about the origin of this machination and the responsibility of the government, sworn enemy of Rouvikonas and the powerful anarchist movement in Greece.

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To be continued…

In solidarity,

Maud and Yannis Youlountas / international support comitee for Giorgos and Nikos (translation : Pia Klemp)