From Marburg, Gießen and Mainz to Exarcheia

Financial report of the « Love and Revolution tour » in Germany.


– On February 6th and 7th there were two screening of L’Amour et la Révolution in Marburg and Gießen, near from Fankfort, extras from the Global Festival Mittel Hessen*: 600 euros divided into three recipients: 200 euros for the Notara26 refugee squat, 200 euros for the group Rouvikonas, 200 euros for social cooking L’Autre Humain.
– On January 27th there was a screening of @L’Amour et la Révolution in selfruled social center Haus Mainusch in Mainz (Mainz). There was also kitchen for all to gather money for Notara26 (with the message: « all selforganized and squatted places and refugee fights for freedom! »): 230 euros for the Notara26 refugee squat.
– After a few days, Haus Mainusch decided to send also solidarity to Rouvikonas: 200 euros.

– 430 euros for the Notara26 refugee squat
– 400 euros for Rouvikonas
– 200 euros for the social kitchen The Other Human.

Solidarity is our weapon! 🖤❤️

* Festival Globale Mittel Hessen: